Woodley Acres Pet Boarding (est. 2016) was founded on what is known by many locals as the Woodley Farm, located directly north of the town of Indian Head, Saskatchewan. Walter & Clara Woodley settled on the property during the great depression of the 1930s in search for better farmland. They built many outbuildings on the property including the barn where our kennels stand today. Walter Woodley was an exemplary Saskatchewan farmer, with over 960 acres of farmland. He and his two sons, Norman and John Woodley, were known for growing and selling registered seed grain and for their method of summerfallowing (used to halt drifting soil during the drought). Walter was very involved in the local community and passed this trait off to his sons who carried on the farming operation until the 1970s.

Norman and John were known in the town for their generosity. They gave back to the community by giving away their home grown produce to friends and neighbours and lending a hand where possible. They developed the land and planted much of the mature trees seen on the property today.


Woodley Acres Pet Boarding was built on the foundation of true Saskatchewan perseverance and prosperity. Our business strives to reflect the hard work and care that the Woodley Family presented for so many years. In 2012, Jim, Josh, Ben & Steph Royal purchased the farm and by 2013 they started resurrecting one of the last remaining outbuildings left from the Woodley family. The construction and renovations lasted until the facility was opened in 2016.



Woodley Acres Pet Boarding is a family owned business including Jim, Josh, Ben & Steph Royal. We are dedicated to providing and caring for our guests, pets who are members of a family. Our business is founded on care and love for animals, we strive to ensure every pet enjoys their stay at our boarding facility. We are pet owners ourselves, and treat our guests as pets of our own so they can feel at home while you are away. Rest assured knowing that there is staff on site 24/7 for the safety and security of your pet(s).



 We provide an innovative facility design, chemical free cleaning, well trained staff and standardized systems that foster peace of mind to our guests.

 Our vision is to be a preferred facility in our community trough current education and market trends as well as customer interaction and feedback.



 James Royal

Jim Royal co-founded Woodley Acres Pet Boarding with his two sons, Josh and Ben Royal. He has recently retired from working as a Registered Nurse to pursue this new venture. Having spent years as an Operating Room RN from coast to coast, he always dreamed of starting a business with his two sons and it only made sense to include his passion for pets. Jim has been around pets since childhood and extends his love for animals with every guest stopping in to leave their pets to board with us.


 Joshua Royal

Josh Royal co-founded Woodley Acres Pet Boarding with Jim and Ben Royal. After graduating with his Bachelor's Degree in Science in Nursing in 2010, Josh works Critical Care at the Regina General Hospital with previous experience locally as a Home Care RN in the town of Montmartre, SK. In 2013, he and his brother Ben joined with their father Jim to start the construction of the facility as it stands today. Josh is caring and devoted to making sure our guests have a memorable boarding stay at Woodley Acres. His love for animals extends into his childhood with memories of always being around the family pets.


 Benjamin Royal

Ben Royal co-founded Woodley Acres Pet Boarding with his father Jim and brother Josh. He graduated from the University of Alberta with his Baccalaureate degree in Science in Nursing in 2009 and relocated to be close to family in Saskatchewan soon after. He works in Critical Care as an RN at the General Hospital in Regina and in 2013 joined with Jim and Josh to establish Woodley Acres Pet Boarding. Ben was excited to welcome his newlywed wife Steph Royal to join the team in 2014. Ben loves to be around animals and has fond memories growing up with family pets. He loves taking the time to meet all of our guests and ensure they have a safe and enjoyable stay at our facility.

Stephanie Royal

Steph Royal is a co-owner of Woodley Acres Pet Boarding along with Jim, Josh, and her husband Ben Royal. Steph graduated from the University of Regina with a Baccalaureate Degree in Science in 2008 and a Masters of Physical Therapy in 2010 from the University of Saskatchewan. She works as a Physical Therapist at the Regina General Hospital. She has a deep and genuine love for all animals. Steph devotes her extra time to Woodley Acres to ensure our guests get special attention and that our customers leave their pets knowing they will receive the utmost care during their stay.